The following links are places we have visited and recommend. Let us know if there are any problems with these websites.



Other Gem, Mineral, and Jewelry Related Sites

Buena Vista Gem Works - Formerly The Gem Kingdom, Robert Spomer's site always has some nice gemstones listed.

House of Onyx, Inc. - Lots of jewelry and gemstones in all categories in a well laid out site.

Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc.- Bryan Lees and the rest of the team that are involved in many US mining projects. The web site is well laid out and has many interesting photographs and items for sale.

Kitco - Excellent website that follows the precious metal markets daily.

Misc. Other Links

Silver City Sales - Sarge runs this site, he has an assortment of coins, casino silver strikes and other memorabilia listed here.

More to follow.....


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